About Us

Animah Jewelry has been established since 2014 under the management of Anita Mahdavi.Her eye-catching high jewelries with fascinating complications are the result of professional craftsmanship and meticulous designs. Due to her passion to design and jewelry, Anita became an accredited jewelry professional and acquired her degree from GIA in California, U.S. She furthered her training and achieved her Jewelry Professional Diploma and certificates in GIA Diamond, GIA Colored Stones, Jewelry Designing.

Animah has a flair for innovation, unique designs and timeless jewelry.she furthered her training and advanced her knowledge about all types of gold, gem, diamonds, colored stones, 3D jewelry designing, sketch and professional 3D modeling with computer using matrix and received her certification from Thailand, Dubai and Iran.

Animah jewelry is a private high jewelry boutique with certified diamonds, up-to date with today’s worlds standards and fashion. Animah’s team use the best quality diamonds with impeccable attention to details of their designs and completes a flawless, unique and magnificent masterpieces for their clients. Animah’s knowledge of diamonds allows their clients to shop in the privacy of her boutique without the pressure of a high pitch sale.

Designing and creating beautiful and classic jewelry are Animah’s passion and we believe that hypnotic patterns with luminous diamonds and bright colored gemstones create magnificent masterpieces.

If you would like your ideal jewelry to be custom made, you can contact Animah, with the description of color, size and designs. Her knowledge of diamonds will allow you to choose the best option while educating you with different aspects of diamonds which can work with your budget.